10 questions to ask before hiring a wedding make-up artist

In hiring your make-up artist, you really need to know a lot from her as she will make your face something on your wedding day. Be sure that your wedding make-up artist suits your taste so you wouldn’t feel embarrassed on your special event.
The common problem to brides is asking questions to their wedding make-up artist prior hiring. The problem is caused either by lack of knowledge about the field, or because you just forgot to ask (maybe because of excitement). To guide you during your interview with your make-up artist, here are some sensible questions which will test the workmanship of your soon-to-be make-up artist:

1. How many brides had you worked with?
There are plenty of make-up artist who specialized in different fields. It is appealing to secure someone who usually works with brides because their expertise is focused their. Those who frequently works with brides will understand your need in making your face look more adorable to your groom (and to the others too). It is quite hard to hire a make-up artist who worked with models because their service is quite in a rush tone.

2. May I see some of your previous work?
Asking a portfolio from your make-up artist is near asking feedbacks from the ones she had worked with. You can start scrutinizing the value of her work with the portfolio of pictures she would give you.

3. Do you manage a website or blog?
A make-up artist who has something to show in the webpage is a sign of being professional in his field. You can check it out to see how she works and how she conveys her ideas in fashion, specifically in running make-up designs.

4. What kind of make-ups do you use?
It is really important to know what kinds or products your make-up artist use as those would be the factor which will put glamor to your face. It is no longer shocking to know that some leading/non-leading products irritate your skin. Your skin is delicate and it needs a product suited to it. It is advisable to have a make-up artist who can showcase varied choices of products to you.

5. How will I book you for your service on my wedding day?
Some make-up artists require advances to facilitate their preparation for your wedding day. Some ask 50% upfront payment while others don’t. It is still appealing to choose someone who asks advances to ascertain sure service. After paying, be sure to provide a contract for your legal assurance. Also, ask receipt as an additional proof that you have given an upfront payment to the service. This is for the sake of securing your money if ever the make-up artist failed to do her service to you on your wedding day.

6. Who will service me on my wedding day?
Though this is a ridiculous question, it is still important to know who will work for you on your day. Of course it needs to be the one whom you assessed. If your make-up artist plans to give you another stylist, ask her to meet up with that person for your testing.

7. How much do you charge and what are the features of the service?
It is important to know how your make-up artist would charge you for her service. You need to know that for budgeting. Also, try to know what are the services attached to that cost.

8. How long will it take you to do the service?
Knowing how fast your make-up artist work is the next big thing. You should know about that to be able to adjust in your time. Of course you don’t want to be late to church!

9. How will I pay you?
It is important to know how your make-up artist wants to be paid so you’ll be ready for the payment method.

10. What’s your schedule on my wedding day?
Knowing your make-up artist’s schedule during your wedding day is imperative. It is not advisable for you to have an artist who will run a hectic schedule as it will surely compromise you.