Dily Wang Wedding Makeup Packages and Prices

Make-up for events: $58

Hairdo for events: $50

Makeup and Hairdo for events: $108

Make-up and hairdo for bridesmaids and wedding party: $108
*$300 Per Session (90 mins)
*$200 Per Session with 3 pax minimum (90 mins)

Wedding make-up trial (at Face Bistro): $200

ROM make-up and hairdo (at Face Bistro): $400

Bridal day/night make-up and hairdo: $800 onwards
*$700 Per Session(90 mins)

Trial Makeup: $300 Per Session (90 mins)

Eyebrow shaping: $15

Eyelash perm: $48

Dily Wang
Tel: 6462 4988
Email: [email protected]

The prices quoted and the other information shown above are for reference only and are subject to change without notice. Please contact Makeup Artist for updated prices and packages.