Joanna Koh

Hello you! Need to know more about who/ where/ what I am?

Who am I:
My name is Joanna Koh but almost everyone calls me Jo (don’t try to call me joanne, I’ll flip!)

What I do:
I’ve been doing makeup and hairstyling for the last eight years when I made the switch from modelling to makeup artistry. Currently I manage the beauty team at Indigo Artisans, which is an agency in Singapore that represents makeup artists and hairstylists.

Where am I:
I’m based in Singapore but I don’t mind airplanes and hotels.

Why “beautynthebikes” ?
This blog was created to fuse what I do for work and play. Although I spend much of my time on my work, I am equally as passionate about sports, especially cycling.
I hope that this blog will also inspire my readers to find a balance in taking care of their bodies both on the inside and outside, to spend time both looking good and feeling great!

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