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Price guarantee.
Many bridal studios do not release their package rates publically. They do this not for competitive reasons, but to catch couples unawares and hard sell them a ‘reasonable’ price face to face. At Kelly’s, we offer our package prices publically to put you at ease when you meet with us for an appointment. We promise you this: no hard sells, no pressure, no gimmicks. Not now, not ever.

World class makeup.
Kelly’s brings years of makeup experience in the fashion and entertainment industry into bridal services. We’ve built up a solid reputation for flawless makeup through nothing more than word of mouth from satisfied customer to satisfied customer.

We’re affordable.
Your wedding day might be the most important day of your life, but it’s also the first day of a life that carries new responsibilities. Kelly’s affordable packages and bridal services leave something in the nest for little children on the way.

Generous with our time.
We’re well known for being generous with our time. Many bridal studios stop paying their clients attention once they’ve “”made the sale””. Not us. We devote many additional hours to understanding your needs, not just face to face, but also through email and short messages.

Small and proud of it.
We save money for you by being a lean and frugal operation ourselves. We don’t have a dedicated studio; large bridal studios pay tens of thousands of dollars in rental, and transfer those costs to you.

No hard sales.
We’re honest working professionals just like you. Unlike some studios, we don’t see the need to stress or otherwise coerce you into making an uncomfortable decision. Our services prices are laid out online for you to make an informed decision. We’re flexible enough to customise a package according to your requirements, with no penalty on your part.

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Rates and Price
Starting from $798.
Our basic package includes gown and suit rentals, two full makeup sessions, a free alteration and more. We’re sure you’ll agree our packages provide unmatched value for money.

Customise your own.
Feel free to add or remove any services from our packages to suit your needs. We’ll never hard sell you into getting something you don’t need.

Even more services.
Kelly’s can help you with wedding favours (starting from $1.50 per piece), customised invitation cards with your pre wedding photo (starting at $1.05 per piece), car decorations, hand bouquets (starting at $58), gown & suit alterations, and more! Contact us for more details.

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