Wedding makeup artist rates in Singapore

Following are the market rates for wedding makeup artist in Singapore.  Based on the market rates and the experience and popularity of the makeup artist.

Trial makeup: $100 – $200
Makeup for Solemnisation Ceremony (Makeup + Hairdo): $250 – $400
Makeup for Wedding Actual Day (Makeup + Hairdo): $350 – $500
Family Member / Friends Make up: $80 – $150
Touch-up for Groom: Normally Free if signed up packages

Surcharges applies:

If required the MUA to come early
If location is remote like Sentosa
Some does not include fake eyelashes, accessories, ampoules etc.

Following are actual rates for the following makeup artist in Singapore. Prices are not updated but just a guideline.

Rina Sim
Actual Day (Morning only) Package SGD500
Trial Hair & Makeup SGD250
Trial Makeup SGD200

Cleo Chang
ROM Package SGD380
Family Make up w Hair-Do SGD150

Liren Neo
ROM Package SGD299
Family Make up for 1 SGD150
Family Make up for 2 or more SGD120

Wedding Day (1 Make up & Hair Do only) SGD300

Kate Tang
ROM Package SGD250
Trial Session SGD100
Family Make up w Hair-Do w Bridal Package SGD80/pax
Family Make up w Hair-Do w/o Bridal Package SGD90/pax

Fionna Lau
ROM Package SGD280 SGD230
Wedding Day (1 Make up & Hair Do only) SGD320 SGD250
Wedding Day (2 Make up & Hair Do) SGD850 SGD590
Mum/Bridesmaid/Sister Make up w Hair-Do SGD190
Makeup or Hair-Do Only SGD150

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The prices quoted and the other information shown above are for reference only and are subject to change without notice. Please contact Makeup Artist for updated prices and packages.